Season Update

It’s now May, and the cycling season is in full swing.
2016 is turning out to be a banner year. Here is an update so far.
We are approaching the 60 members mark. Our numbers are close to the membership from 2008-2010.


We have kicked off 2 successful TTs so far. The latest having 24 attendees forcing GORD ( TT organizer ) to rethink the 1 minute start times to perhaps 30 sec start times. He cannot be at the start and finish at the same time unfortunately


The CVCC is now supporting TRAIL BICYCLES Wednesday night 6pm rides. We have 5 revolving volunteers who will lead their shop rides every Wednesday till September. Last week the “B” group averaged 23km per hour for roughly 1 and a half hour ride.
It’s a great way to get introduced to road riding while putting in some solid efforts. Thank you,
Kent Duncan, Robin Parley, Wade Luksay,  Kerry Hale and Craig Carter for your efforts.


New this year, we have added these rides to the aspiring road racers who will be challenging themselves with our Road Races coming up in JUNE, JULY and AUGUST.
Last Thursday we had 17 riders show for this event. It will be run every 3rd Thursday.


Our race director John van der Vliet is working on some new routes and ideas for this year. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!


We are in the middle of a small redesign. There will be a CVCC order day coming in the next couple of weeks. Everyone will have ample time to place their orders.

Thank you to everyone who have been supportive so far!
July will also have another fun group ride with a SOCIAL TO FOLLOW.