Welcome to the 2017 Cycling Season

Welcome to the CVCC 2017 season.

We have one new announcement of executive change for this year. Last years Vice President Aaron Milan has stepped down and Robin Parlee will be filling the open position.

Thank you again Aaron, for your volunteer work for the past seasons and we appreciate you still helping us with the CVCC website.
The club experienced strong growth last year and we are hoping to keep it going for this coming season. We believe in pushing more of a social component with the CVCC to encourage new members. New members equal a deeper pool of resources that any non profit requires to move forward and evolve.

We will be holding group races, time trials, group socials, specific women’s riding clinics and also be producing a brand new CVCC jersey. Plus we are partnering up with MIVA from nanaimo and the Comox Valley Tri club for certain events. Again, the more connections we make the more we can grow.

Our time trial series will run from Thursday April 13th – June 29th. Mr. Gord Giesbrecht will be taking the helm again.

Our road race schedule will follow the previous 2016 model:

Sunday June 4th LAZO
Sunday July 30th TSOLUM
Sunday August 13th MT. WASHY in conjunction with MIVA

Women’s ride clinics will be new this year. We are teaming up with the Bella 100 and Pace Multisport to bring a four session training block to support the Bella 100 and to gain more interest in women’s cycling. These four clinics will cover everything from tire changes to group rides.

A NEW CVCC JERSEY design and sponsors will be happening this year thanks to our new Vice President. He is spearheading a plan to get most of the jerseys subsidized allowing a super low price. Details for ordering a jersey will be sent out soon. Keep in mind these jerseys will only be available to registered club members.

Along with the Comox Valley Tri club we will be hosting a group social. This will be held at some point during our season. It’s a great chance to get to know other cyclists in the valley and perhaps grow some networking for rides.

Lastly our online registration will begin by March 20th. Please remember that along with your CVCC registration you will need to purchase your CYCLINGBC race license which will cover you for all club time trials, road races and other events. This year cyclingBC has tried to make it simpler by offering just two license types: Provincial or BC race.

If you are only planning on participating in our club events then a Provincial license will suffice. However, if you wish to race throughout BC or outside BC then a BC race license is necessary.

Here is the link to register for your license: Membership Registration 2017

Thank you everyone and we will see you out on the road.

Daniel Wilson
CVCC President