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The Comox Valley Cycle Club hosts a variety of races throughout the year which attract riders from throughout the province and beyond. These races are held on a variety of challenging road courses throughout the Comox Valley and offer categories for all ages and abilities. Race season typically runs from April thru August and the accumulation of points given to club members in each race are used to decide the year’s Comox Cup champion. See our Schedule page for race dates and details or see below for the latest results.

Lazo Road Race 2019

Cat A - 7 Laps
1Eric Rush
2Mark Grant
3John van der Vliet
4Nicolas Parlee
5Phil Schum
6Lyle Davies
7John van der Veen
8Tom Skinner
9James Grant
10Brett Whitehead
11Harry Reddin
12Julian White
13Scott Manktelow
14Daniel Wilson
15Doug Merrick
16Kent Duncan
17Dan Molgat-Roy
DNFGary MacGregor
Cat B - 5 Laps
1Dave Opko
2Brent Baker
3Brian Cashin
4Scott McGregor
5Raymond Wagner
6Curtis Fischer
7Chris Perreault
8Jeff Lawrence
9Wanda Reddin
10Samantha Carroll
Cat C - 3 Laps
1Ron Penner
2Sam Schum
3Nico Schum


Lazo Road Race 2016
Lazo Road Race 2016