Time Trial

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The 2017 Time Trial Series sponsored by Trail Bicycles will once again be held Thursday nights from April 13th through to June 29th. Racing will get under way at 6:00pm sharp so be there at least 10 min. early to register. Weekly prizes will once again be up for grabs thanks to our generous sponsor Trail Bicycles.

Forbidden Plateau June 29, 2017

1Kevin Park18:32
2Ray Wagner19:17
3Ramon Ramirez19:59
4Tim Everets21:03
5Mort Allingham21:29
6Chris Bowman22:00
7Jeff Lawrence22:07
8Fetze Elgersma22:28
9Ernie Klassen27:34

Dove Creek June 22, 2017

1Connor McGrady23:13
2Kevin Park23:30
3Ray Wagner24:16
4Kent Duncan24:31
5Brett Whitehead24:41
6John van der Vliet25:23
7Mort Allingham26:35
8Graham Magor26:58
9Fetze Elgersma28:13
10Ron Penner29:04
11Pat Gerrie29:45
12Judith Wright31:14
13Ernie Klassen33:52

Forbidden Plateau June 8, 2017

1James Grant17:42
2Mark Grant17:51
3Connor McGrady19:01
4Mort Allingham22:11
5Fetze Elgersma23:04
6Ron Penner 23:42
7Judith Wright26:18

Dove Creek June 01, 2017

1Mark Grant21:32
2Ray Wagner23:52
3Brett Whitehead24:18
4Gillian Ellsay24:40
5Dan Wilson24:54
6Tim Everets26:15
7Chris Bowman26:33
8Mort Allingham26:46
9Emily Johnston26:57
10Jeff Lawrence27:48
11Fetze Elgersma28:17
12Ron Penner28:48
13Judith Wright31:21
14Ernie Klassen32:09

Headquarters May 25, 2017

1Ben Katerberg21:40
2James Grant22:41
3Kevin Park22:52
4Gary MacGregor22:59
5Harry Reddin23:08
6Isaac van der Vliet23:22
7Gillian Ellsay24:23
8Ray Wagner24:36
9Connor McGrady24:58
10Scott Fleming25:52
11Tim Everets26:26
12Mort Allingham26:47
13Chris Bowman26:50
14Jeff Lawrence27:37
15Fetze Elgersma28:30
16Ernie Klassen32:33

Forbidden Plateau May 18, 2017

1Kevin Park19:04
2Brett Whitehead19:22
3Gillian Ellsay19:43
4Mort Allingham21:24
5Craig Carter21:40
6Pablo Martinez22:11
7Chris Bowman22:12
8Jeff Lawrence22:27
9Ernie Klassen28:32

Dove Creek May 11, 2017

1Nigel Ellsay20:52
2James Grant22:18
3Kevin Park23:26
4Harry Reddin24:10
5Connor McGrady24:14
6Isaac van der Vliet24:22
7Gary MacGregor24:23
8 (tie)Dan Wilson24:30
8 (tie)Brett Whitehead24:30
10Mort Allingham27:10
11Jeff Lawrence28:17
12Pablo Toledo29:17
13Judith Wright32:22

Headquarters May 04, 2017

1Gary MacGregor22:49
2Isaac van der Vliet23:39
3Kevin Park23:41
4Connor McGrady23:57
5Harry Reddin24:02
6Derek Tripp24:09
7Brett Whitehead24:56
8Ramon Ramirez25:09
9Mort Allingham26:32
10Trent Carter27:07
11Jeff Lawrence27:36
12Chris Bowman27:39
13Lynda Magor28:23
14Ron Penner29:47
15Ernie Klassen31:42

Forbidden Plateau April 27, 2017

1Nigel Ellsay15:26
2Gary MacGregor18:18
3Phil Schum19:43
4Kevin Park19:44
5Brett Whitehead19:57
6Wade Luksay20:26
7Chris Pullman20:53
8Tim Everets21:57
9Mort Allingham22:02
10Fetze Elgersma22:45
11Chris Bowman22:48
12Jeff Lawrence23:03
13Ron Penner23:42
14Ernie Klassen27:28
15Joa McPhail29:34

Dove Creek April 20, 2017

1Gary MacGregor22:28
2Mark Grant23:02
3Isaac van der Vliet23:58
4Ben Katerberg24:18
5Kevin Park24:25
6John van der Vliet24:44
7Connor McGrady24:56
8Brett Whitehead25:45
9Dave Opko25:46
10Nathan Walsh25:58
11Kent Duncan26:17
12Chris Pullman26:21
14Ray Wagner27:00
15Tim Everets27:31
16Mort Allingham27:59
17Jeff Lawrence28:21
18Chris Bowman28:33
19Fetze Elgersma29:04
20Ron Penner29:47

Headquarters April 13, 2017

1Ben Katerberg21:31
2Mark Grant22:07
3James Grant22:37
4Gary MacGregor22:44
5Kevin Park24:18
6Isaac van der Vliet24:35
7Harry Reddin24:43
8Connor McGrady24:48
9Kent Duncan25:37
10Brett Whitenead26:02
11John van der Vliet26:11
12Ray Wagner26:38
13Chris Pullman26:46
14Mort Allingham28:14
15Jeff Lawrence28:38
16Fetze Elgersma28:54
17Ron Penner32:09
18Ernie Klassen35:57

For more detailed results and to view past results, check out the Dynamic TT Results page.